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Camping Veliko Tarnovo

This five star camp site is owned and run by an English couple who are constantly improving it. There is service with a smile although it is at a typically Bulgarian pace. The restaurant serves good home cooked food.The facilities are the best we experienced in the country and there is a large beautifully maintained swimming pool with a children's pool and plenty of sun loungers. The site itself is well spaced out in a picturesque rural setting and they have planted trees for shade and they are growing well. It is a good launch point from which to visit the old capital and several other worthwhile sites and Nicky the owner is very knowledgable and helpful with advice of what's going on. Difficult to leave that pool though!


Camping Trinity Rocks - Rock Climbing in Bulgaria

Can't praise Trinity Rocks and it's owner Cliff Surtees enough. Accommodation is wonderful and clean. What makes this a 'must see' destination is the river setting and the wildlife on the river. From beautiful rare birds to an otter family. The man knows his business and is always on hand with advice, suggestions and a warm welcome. The camp site is in a beautiful location, a secluded garden of Eden with lots of trees for shade, on the outskirts of the ancient University Town of Veliko Tarnovo. VT as the local ex pats refer to it can satisfy all of your big city cravings, shopping, restaurants, bars, cinema etc... and yet a short car ride leads you past some of the best Roman remains outside of Rome before arriving at Trinity Rocks. An oasis of calm set beside a rolling river, peaceful and seemingly remote from the cares of the World. If you visit Bulgaria TRY to include at least a weekend break at Trinity Rocks. I'm sure you wont regret it.


Veliko Tarnovo Camping

My fiance and I were lucky enough to stay with Cliff at Trinity Rocks for two weeks in November 2010. We absolutely loved it! The scenery is fantastic, with a river bordering the entire property and mountains off in the distance -- it's a great place to wake up everyday. Cliff is one of the most friendly and easy-going people we've ever met and is impossible not to get along with. He regularly organizes and suggests activities, either at Trinity Rocks, in Veliko Turnovo, or, most especially, at the nearby rocks for climbing (he's a great teacher if, like us, you've never climbed before). Trinity Rocks is quiet, peaceful, and a real haven for any traveler. The internet is reliable and the tea is always hot!

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