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Cheap camping: Tip to save 30-40% on your camping rental budget



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the : 08/05/2013

In summer, the camping rental prices are the most expensive between early August and mid-August, and the prices decrease gradually as one moves away from this middle period.


Overall, you can save 25% booking your holidays in the second half of July or August rather than during the first half of August.


If you opt for the first half of July, your camping rental will cost generally 40% less than in the first half of August. This is particularly true for campsites in Francecampsites in Spain, campsites in Italy.


In France, for example, you can make great savings on your holiday camping budget in the popular tourist areas such as Aquitaine, Cote d'Azur, Languedoc-Roussillon, or Brittany.


So be smart when it comes to booking your holidays : if you can, go on vacation in early July to make easy savings.