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The naturpark Wildeshauser Geest


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Camping in the Naturpark Wildeshauser Geest


The naturpark Wildehauser Geest is with an area of approx. 1,500 square kilometers one of the largest nature parks in Germany (one of the largest in Europe).


Located in the South of the cities of Bremen and Oldenburg, you can get there with transport connections.



The Nature Park Wildeshauser Geest is a popular recreation area!

Tourism in this country started after the construction of Großherzoglich- Oldenburgischen- Railways between 1867 and 1898. It allowed the population from the metropolitan areas to go to the countryside.

Rolling hills, shallow valleys, caused by the glacial meltwater, invite to cycling. The valley of the river Hunte among the most beautiful in the whole of northern Germany.

Visitors can expect an attractive and varied landscape: Wooded shores, romantic river bends, Moore, jungles and marshy meadows. Some of former moorland have been rewetted, and offer rare plant and animal species a new habitat.

Forests cover about 20% of the area of the nature park, which is reported in large part as a landscape conservation area, and should not be fundamentally changed.

The Wildeshauser Geest is especially rich in testimonies of Prehistory and Early History. Right you therefore referred to them as the "square mile of history". So a Paleolithic royal summer camp was discovered in the Glaner Heide in Wildeshausen, which was built about 15,000 years ago.
Furthermore, approx. 40 megalithic grave equipment (megalithic tombs) chain- this density is probably unique in northern Germany.

From the Bronze Age, the largest burial mound preserved in Northern Europe Pestrup in Wildeshausen; on a plateau above the Huntetal are about 500 burial mounds of various shapes and sizes.


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