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Link exchange in the camping industry



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the : 02/05/2012

Link exchange between camping websites and Camping321.com


Enjoy the benefits of being member of Camping321.com: by inserting our logo in one of the main pages of your website.


Copy and paste the code below and ask your webmaster to insert it in one of the main pages of your website :


< a href="http://www.camping321.com" target="_blank" style="display:block;width:150px;text-decoration:none;background-color:#ffffff;">< img src="http://www.camping321.com/img_interf/community_member.png" width="150"/>< h3 style="font-size:9px;color:#333333;text-align:center;">Member of camping321.com< /h3>


In this code, delete the " " after each "<" and then paste the code into your page.


Then, contact us http://www.camping321.com/en/?p=contact&form=ref and specify the url of your webpage where it is possible to see our logo to suggest a link exchange.


The camping321.com team


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the : 18/04/2016

I tried inserting the above code into my website to create a link, but the code was displayed on the webpage rather than the link.Please can you advise?Thanks